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Most Innovative Prepaid Programme award to ItzCash Card

Mar 16, 2009
The result was announced based on the merits of the programme introduced by ItzCash Card Ltd. In all there were 33 winners in various categories in which the ItzCash Octroi Automation programme was selected best among the 'Most Innovative Prepaid Programme'. The other contenders in the same segment were American Express Card and Jackson Hewitt iPower Prepaid Visa Card.

This programme has an exclusive technology to expedite and provide convenience to truckers at Octroi Nakas by providing the newly launched Octroi Silver Cards. The total process takes 10 to 12 seconds for the trucker to complete. The trucker approaches the toll naka, produces the Octroi Silver cards to the Octroi inspector who puts the card against the terminal sensor which automatically records the data and deducts the octroi amount. A payment receipt is generated instantly specifying details of the truck number, the type of goods, the time and date the transaction was taken place.

Speaking on the occasion, Naveen Surya, managing director, Itz Cash Card Ltd said, “Being awarded the 'Most Innovative Prepaid Programme Award' for the year is definitely a significant milestone in the path of progress for us as this gives us recognition for our efforts on an international platform. This is the second year in succession that we have been conferred an award, with the last being the Best Consumer Card Programme in 2008.

He added, “This prestigious award recognises the innovative efforts and high quality service provided by ItzCash Card to its cardholders. ItzCash Card will continue to strengthen its network and services by providing best payment solutions and deliver real value for cardholders.”