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Zee Cafe and Zee Studio strike Gold

Jun 01, 2009
Zee Cafe and Zee Studio are on a roll with a double whammy of Gold awards at the recent Promax/BDA India Awards 2009.

Marking its first victory at the Promax India Awards, Zee Cafe bagged a Gold award in the category of 'Best Marketing Collateral' for its innovative merchandise - A water clock. The marketing team had conceptualised the same to symbolise its environmental initiative, The Green Turn launched in 2008. Zee Cafe very effectively communicated its affiliation and direct involvement with the cause of conserving the environment through the distribution of this merchandise.

Zee Studio bagged a Gold award in the category of 'Best Promo of a Children's Programme' for its imaginative on-air promotional campaign of 'Toony Town', a slot featuring animations films targeted at children. The instantly catchy promo beautifully combines elements of animation and real footage.

The latest Gold carries on a legacy Zee Studio has enjoyed year after year at the Promax Asia Awards. In the recent past, Zee Studio had picked up Promax Asia Awards in 2008 for its 'Get Shorty' promo.

In addition to the twin victory, Zee Cafe was nominated for its on-air promotional campaign of Cafe LOL, the comedy slot on Zee Cafe. Zee Studio was also nominated in the category of Best Editing for its slick promo of the film 'He Got Game'.

The double-gold at Promax/BDA India Awards speaks volumes about the creative sensibilities of the team at Zee Cafe and Zee Studio and their knack of coming up with original ideas and consistently delivering high-impact creatives.