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Zee News Marketing Head Rohit Kumar Felicitated By Hon President of India

Feb 28, 2011
At the time when all popular Hindi news channels are busy sensationalizing news and hunting ghosts, Zee News is playing a silent missionary by promoting art and bridging boundaries.

Despite work which revolves around analyzing the TRP numbers and getting maximum mileage for the news channel, Zee News actively supports art in service for the nation and the causes related to its pride, be it environment, health or art and culture. As the result of it, Zee News promotes all the social causes through various on-ground and consumers connect activities on regular basis. When most of the TV people are busy chasing TRPs, Rohit believes that it is only through art and culture that we can be different and can bind hearts.

Impressed with his endevours to promote art and culture, Management Committee of Faiz Ahmad Faiz celebrations 2011 decided to confer a momento along with citation to Rohit Kumar. The momento was presented to Kumar by Honorable President of India Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil on the 25th of February at the Vigyan Bhawan, Delhi.
Elated after receiving this great honor from the honorable President, Kumar told BestMediaInfo.com, “I have received this award to promote Art and culture. Art is beyond boundaries and culture brings us closer to our roots. Zee News will keep up its Endeavour of preserving and promoting our traditions.”