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Zee Telegu and Zee 24 Ghantalu win awards in the AP Inter Media Games

Jul 15, 2009
Zee Telugu and Zee 24 Ghantalu teams participated and won three awards in the AP Inter Media Games held on July 13, 2009, in Hyderabad.

These games, held after a gap of about two to three years were organised by Prompt PR. About 26 teams from various media houses based in Hyderabad like Eenadu, Sakshi, TV5, TV9, Doordarshan, I&PR (state Govt. team) and so forth participated in the event. There was also one team which represented all the national channels.

Awards won:

The Shuttle Badminton Championship was won jointly by Chandrasekhar from Zee Telugu and Goparaju and Srinivas from Zee 24 Gantalu.

The Best Batsman award in Cricket was won by Mahinder from Zee 24 Gantalu

'Sprit of Sportsmen' memento was awarded to the Zee Telugu and Zee 24 Gantalu team

Goparaju, one of the participants says, “It is good to participate in such events as it obviously refreshes oneself and helps build a healthy relationship between various Media houses”.

While congratulating the winners, Channel Head, Mr. Shailesh Reddy remarked that such games should also be organised for female participants.

We congratulate the Zee Telugu and Zee 24 Gantalu team for their commendable performance.