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Do you think that with the success of The Dirty Picture and Kahaani, Vidya Balan has established herself as Bollywood's No. 1 reigning actress?
rashi wadhawan: A star is known by his/her talent and Vidya Balan is one of the examples. From Parineeta to Kahani Vidya has potrayed multiple characters. The acting talent that she has is mind bolwing. She is far above from the actresses like Kareena, Katreena. These actors are fixed in their industry just because of their glamour and style. But Bidya oopss... Vidya is beauty with brains. She has that much of caliber to understand the role well and perform accordingly. She is versitale actress. She started her onscreen career with a Zee Tv serial Hum Punch. No one would have imagined that that this girl would rule the hindi cinema one day. She has proven herself by her different roles. She has succeeded this sucess step by step. She is known for her "Leak se hatkar roles". I admire her role in No One killed Jessica. Being Sabreena she has done a fabulous role. Then comes the Dirty Picture. Its where she has potrayed Silk Smita in such an actual way. Her latest movie Kahani is the best example of a perfect acting.

Its not just the entertainment, entertainment n entertainment... that rules the silver screen... MANY CAME AND MANY WERE BLOWN AWAY AFTER A CERTAIN PERIOD WHO APPLIED THIS FUNDA!

Its Vidya's Talent that has made her the queen of bollywood...Not just because of her beauty but also because of the talent she has in her.

She has definetly established herself the Bollywood No. 1 reigning actress !!
2012-03-27 17:41:24