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24 Hours with an Esselite

Adilah Ahmad

Designation: Head of Ad Sales

Location: Malaysia

Adilah Ahmad, Head of Ad Sales, Malaysia talks about her typical work day, her impending travel to Europe and her personal mantra…

Department and Location:

Head of Ad Sales, Malaysia

Role Description:

I am the head of ad sales in Malaysia and my role involves establishing new accounts while maintaining current business. I not only monitor competitors' activities but am also responsible for ad sales and revenue from events.

Personal Mantra:

I believe in hard work and so I believe in "No pain, No gain".

My Day Starts with:

First thing I prefer to have after I wake up is a cup of hot MILO, which I prepare for myself and my husband. I am almost addicted to MILO and usually prefer it over coffee. It helps me feels refreshing.

My Typical Day in Office:

A typical day for me in office is checking incoming emails, meeting ad agencies and potential clients. It's a hectic schedule at work but I love my work and so I love doing all that. For me, everyday is a new challenge with loads of fun.

Lunch Hour Means:

I usually don't have breakfast before leaving for office and so I prefer having brunch during my lunch hours. I do not carry home-made food to office. I love Thai and Japanese food a lot and so I and my colleagues head to a nearby hotel for brunch.

My Passion:

I love to travel and explore new places. My dream destination is Europe and I am planning to visit it next year. I would also love to visit UK, Australia and Thailand.

My Day Ends with

Before returning home, I grab a cup of masala tea from a shop near my office. The cup of tea re-energizes and relaxes me.