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24 Hours with an Esselite

Bhavin Gandecha

Designation: Sr Manager, Product & Marketing

Location: Mumbai

Bhavin Gandecha, Product Manager, Zee Digital, Mumbai, believes that there is no point in complaining about things you have failed to do or could not do in your life. He tells us about his typical day at work and life in general...

Department and Location:

Zee Digital, Mumbai

Role Description:

I am the Product Manager of Ditto TV, the new mobile TV offering of ZEE. My responsibilities include looking into how the final product turns out to be, getting subscribers on board and promotion of the product.

Personal Mantra:

I am equally proud of things I have not done.

My Day Starts with:

My day starts at the badminton court. Before heading to office, I prefer to have a cup of hot tea and a heavy breakfast as this refreshes me and keeps me energetic.

My Typical Day in Office:

My typical day in office is tracking customer behavior on Ditto TV, monitoring number of subscribed users on Ditto TV, planning better strategies to promote the product and finding the answer to “How do I increase number of subscribers on Ditto TV? Though my work is very hectic, I love doing it and to make my life simpler, I maintain diary to keep the track of my work, plans and schedule.

Lunch Hour Means:

Lunch hour means an elaborate Gujarati thali. I usually carry home-made food prepared by my wife. At times I give her an off and head to Hard Rock Café, which is near my office, along with my colleagues. I am fond of Thai cuisine too.

My Passion:

Right now passion is time-bound. I'm searching for one, but till then making Ditto TV a successful product is my passion and mission.

Though I am not a regular reader, at times I occupy myself in reading books. On weekends, I make it a point to read weekend editions of business newspapers like Mint and Business Standard.

My Day ends with:

Boss asking, "What's your score?" After I reach home exhausted, I prefer to spend time with family and friends as this is a perfect stress buster.