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24 Hours with an Esselite

Deepali Gupta

Designation: Sales Manager

Location: Singapore

Deepali Gupta, Sales Manager, Ad Sales, Singapore believes in lighting a small candle than cursing the darkness. She tells us about her work, passion and more…

  • Role Description:
    I am the Sales Manager and my role involves driving advertising revenue and sponsorship and managing business development.
  • Personal Mantra:
    "It's better to light a small candle than to curse the darkness."
  • My Day Starts with:
    Being a mother of two adorable kids, first thing on mind after I wake up is to wake up my kids and get them ready for school. Early in the morning, I am best at multitasking swapping roles between cooking, giving shower, getting kids dressed and dropping them up to the school bus. Everyday is a new challenge but loads of fun.
  • My Typical Day in Office:
    A typical day for me in office is lot of phone calls, meetings, coordinating and planning.
  • Lunch Hour Means:
    Given the geographical location of our office in Singapore, lunch hour requires lot of planning. From 11 am onwards, one needs to find out who would go out to buy lunch for us. Once there is food (as at times no one actually steps out to buy lunch), we all sit together and enjoy. At times, we do have interesting visitors sharing our lunch - The Rifle Range Monkeys!
  • My Passion:
    Might sound strange but I am not extremely passionate about any one thing in life. I like to enjoy everything the way it is.
  • My Day Ends with:
    Once kids are off to bed, it's my most precious "hour of the day." I call it "my time" and I enjoy this either listening to music to de-stress me, watching TV, reading, chatting with friends or simply doing nothing.