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24 Hours with an Esselite

Priyanka Dhamija

Designation: Correspondent, Zee News

Location: Noida

Priyanka Dhamija, Correspondent, Zee News, Noida, says she loves to enjoy life to the fullest. She tells us about her typical day at work and her personal mantra…

Department and Location:

Correspondent, Zee News, Noida

Role Description:

As I'm an entertainment correspondent in Zee News, my role involves finding the news angle in any topic, which can be the story of the day. I'm also responsible for interviewing celebrities (Bollywood and Television), scripting stories, editing them, planning rundown and so on.

Personal Mantra:

Neither get stressed nor stress others. Just enjoy!

My Day Starts with:

I prefer not to have breakfast at home instead utilize the time surfing internet to find out a story for the day. After I head to the office, I usually have aloo paratha with butter and cup of hot coffee as this helps me to kickstart my day.

My Typical Day in Office:

My typical day in the office is not very hectic but jam-packed as I have to meet the deadlines. I have to be very attentive about the happenings in the entertainment industry in order to reach the story first. The office ambience is very relaxing and this helps me to be energetic all throughout the day. I also take small refreshment breaks, if I ever feel tired.

Lunch Hour Means:

I usually carry homemade food and love to share it with my colleagues. Lunch hour means a perfect time to taste different homemade food and cuisines. I love Italian cuisine and Pizza is my favorite. I sometimes give an off to my lunch box and opt for the canteen food or head to a restaurant near my office.

My Passion:

I am very passionate about dancing besides my job. I'm undergoing professional training in Jazz from Danceworx, a renowned dance academy. I also love to perform various Jazz forms like Street Jazz, African Jazz and Funk Jazz.

My Day ends with:

My colleagues usually drop me to the metro by which I travel home. Before retiring for the day, I chat with my friends on social networking sites, check emails, surf internet, watch television and listen to music.