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24 Hours with an Esselite

Rahul Chakravorty

Designation: DGM, WWIL

Location: Delhi

Rahul Chakravorty, DGM, Ad Sales & Programming, Wire and Wireless (India) Ltd, finds peace and tranquility in the hills of Northern India. He tells us about his routine life and how he makes it a point to thank God for all that has been bestowed upon him…

Department and Location:

Ad Sales & Programming, Delhi.

Role Description:

I head the ad sales and programming department at WWIL.

Personal Mantra:

Live and let live.

My Day Starts with:

A cup of tea and the daily newspaper is my favorite day starter.

My Typical Day in Office:

My day starts with meeting the team to understand plans for the day. It is followed by various other meetings /telecon within and outside the office.

Lunch Hour Means:

Being in the sales function, lunch hour means finding out time for a bite between sales calls. Ad Sales is no different. Mostly lunch happens in the market between calls.

My Passion:

Apart from advertising, I am very passionate about hills. Being there gives me a sense of peace, tranquility which is a divine experience. Usually during the weekends, I take on a road journey to the hills of Northern India.

My Day ends with:

Before going to sleep, I thank God for all that has been bestowed upon me and pray for everyone's well being.