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24 Hours with an Esselite

Shafiur Rahman

Designation: Manager, Ad sales, DNA

Location: Hyderabad

Shafiur Rahman, Manager, Ad sales, DNA, Hyderabad, acted in TV serials before getting into the sales function. He tells us about his love for cooking and the personal mantra that drives him…

Department and Location:

Ad sales, DNA, Hyderabad

Role Description:

My role involves selling advertisement space for government, non-government, educational and other organizations.

Personal Mantra:

Try, Try, Till You Succeed.

My Day Starts with:

Every morning I walk for nearly 35 minutes as this helps my mind, body and soul to be fit and healthy. This keeps me energetic all through the day. Post the morning walk, I freshen up and perform namaz. Before heading to the office, I prefer to have a cup of hot tea and rotis.

My Typical Day in Office:

A typical day for me in office is checking emails, meeting ad agencies and potential clients and planning better strategies to expand the business revenue. My schedule is hectic but I love my work.

Lunch Hour Means:

As I'm usually on field, I do not carry my lunch box. I head to Udipi restaurants and prefer to have rice plate. I try my best to have my lunch on time as it keeps me away from indigestion but at times depending on the work, the timings vary.

My Passion:

I love my work and put all efforts in each and every task I undertake, however, mundane it may seem. I love to chase new clients until I crack a deal with them. Before joining DNA, I acted in many serials on Maa TV and Doordarshan.

I also love to maintain diary a and had written a story for the Hindi movie Dil Aa Gaya. I also love to cook food and usually give off to my wife on Sundays. I cook both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes but chicken is my favorite.

My Day ends with:

I usually reach home exhausted and so prefer to watch television. Followed by this, I evaluate the work I have done in the day and plan the schedule for the next day.