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24 Hours with an Esselite

Shivarama Adiga S

Designation: Chief Manager

Location: Bangalore

Shivarama Adiga S, Chief Manager Finance & Legal, DNA, Bangalore, believes that hard work and honesty help you accomplish your goals…

Department and Location:

Chief Manager, Finance & Legal, Bangalore, DNA

Role Description:

I am the Head of Finance and Legal department of Bangalore branch. My responsibilities include handling all commercial negotiations, collections, expenditure booking, Issuance of legal/recovery notices, attending court proceedings on behalf of the company, liaison with Govt departments  and other legal compliances.

Personal Mantra:

Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kada Chana i.e. 

Work hard and sincerely and leave the remaining to the employer.

My Day Starts with:

Every morning I follow water therapy i.e I start my day by drinking at least one liter of water to keep me fit. I play shuttle badminton for an hour everyday as it refreshes me and keeps me energetic throughout the day. Followed by these fitness mantras, I perform puja and then have a heavy breakfast before heading to office.

My Typical Day in Office:

My typical day in office is very hectic as sometimes I need to rush to two different courts at two different locations in the city in addition to chasing sales team and circulation team for speeding up collection. Saturdays being a half day for banks, it is bit relaxing after noon time.

Lunch Hour Means:

Depending on the work, my lunch timing varies. I usually carry home-made food prepared by my wife. Once a week, I give an off to her and head to a restaurant near the office along with my colleagues. As I'm pure vegetarian, I prefer to have South Indian or North Indian food.

My Passion:

I am very passionate about Carnatic classical music - both instrumental and vocal. I perform yoga in case I miss my shuttle badminton practice any day. I also meditate twice a day as it helps me in achieving conscious relaxation and reducing stress.

My Day ends with:

I usually reach home exhausted and therefore prefer to have some refreshments and shower. Followed by this, I perform puja, watch television and make sure that I go out for a stroll post dinner.