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24 Hours with an Esselite

Surje P Singh

Designation: Manager, Investor Relations

Location: Mumbai

Surje P Singh from Essel Propack Ltd. - Corporate Office, Mumbai, says he never gives up and tries hard till he reaches his goals. He tells us about his typical day at work and his personal mantra.

Department and Location:

Legal & Secretarial, Essel Propack Ltd. - Corporate office, Mumbai

Role Description:

My role involves taking care of the needs of the investors in co-ordination with the registrar and share transfer agents. It also includes monitoring company's share price movement, MIS reporting on shareholding and active assistance in executing functions of secretarial department.

Personal Mantra:

I compose poetry in Hindi. My personal mantra is captured in one of the poems I have composed -

Teri har ek saans mein jeevan hain,

Teri har ek aans mein jeevan hain,

Tu yu na darr, chal uth sangharsh kar,

Aa aage badh, ladh, phir dekh,

Teri har chaal mein jeevan hain,

Teri har baat mein jeevan hain.

My Day Starts with:

I believe in staying fit and so my day begins with a brisk walk and a bit of stretching exercises as it is one of the easiest ways to stay healthy in our busy life. Before heading to office, I prefer to have cup of hot tea and biscuits /toasts. This keeps me refreshed and gives a perfect kick to start my day.

My Typical Day in Office:

I love to work in an excellent office environment. A typical day for me in office is looking into the needs of the investors, compiling of data for Compliances with the Regulatory Bodies. I also assist my boss in the functioning of the secretarial department.

Lunch Hour Means:

It is a perfect time to go through the newspaper, which we miss due to our busy schedules. I prefer to have home-made food prepared by my wife, especially non-vegetarian. At times I also head to a restaurant near our office with my colleagues.

My Passion:

Other than my work, I love to cook food on the weekends. Non-vegetarian recipes are my favorite. In fact, Goan style fish curry is one of the best dishes I can make. Munshi Premchand is my favorite novelist and I often read his works in my free time. I write motivational poems in Hindi which I publish on my personal blog.

My Day ends with:

After a hectic day, I prefer to give some quality time to my family and so love to retire for the day, chatting with them.