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24 Hours with an Esselite


Designation: Finance & Accounts, DNA

Location: Bangalore

Venkateshamurthy.S, Accounts Assistant, Bangalore believes in hard work. He tells us about his typical day at work and his passion...

Department and Location:

Finance & Accounts, DNA, Bangalore

Role Description:

My role involves managing overall circulation collection, receipt and cash payments to the vendors and voucher entries. It also involves bank transactions.

Personal Mantra:

Work Sincerely.

My Day Starts with:

I believe in staying fit and so my day begins with a morning walk for an hour as this energizes me and keeps my mind relaxed. I also practice dumbbell and skipping exercises as these are excellent for strength training. Before heading to office, I prefer to have bread toast and cup of hot coffee. The English dailies like DNA and Times of India are a must along with my breakfast.

My Typical Day in Office:

It's a hectic schedule at work and so I maintain a dairy to keep the track of my work. I love to work under an excellent office environment. My typical day in office comprises of the team meeting to understand the plan for the day, looking into circulation collection, making cash and cheque payments to various vendors, tallying cash and credit transactions. At times my work also demands overtime.

Lunch Hour Means:

I do not carry my lunch-box and usually head to the office canteen. I opt for vegetarian food but twice a week I treat myself with non-vegetarian delights. Occasionally, I head to a restaurant near my office, along with my colleagues. I am very fond of South Indian cuisines.

My Passion:

I am very passionate about my work and sincerely committed to it. On weekends, I occupy myself in cooking. I love to cook South Indian cuisine- lemon rice and Polivagare (pulao) are my favorites. I also love to read spiritual books. On weekends, I also play cricket as this is one of the easiest ways to stay fit and relaxed.

My Day ends with:

My hectic day in office comes to an end with cash reconciliation. After I reach home, I prefer to watch television.