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24 Hours with an Esselite

Zeeshan Sajid

Designation: Senior Manager, Ad Sales

Location: Dubai

A connoisseur of Arabic food, Zeeshan Sajid, Senior Manager, Ad Sales, Dubai tells us about his passion, personal mantra and love for "kadak" chai…

Role Description:

My role involves nurturing profitable relationships with existing clients and developing new client base in the city.

Personal Mantra:

I love to enjoy my life and so I believe in "Live, Party and Let others live."

My Day Starts with:

My day begins with a hot cup of "kadak tea" prepared by my wife. I think the pressures of the corporate world demand that you start your day with strong tea. It keeps me refreshed and gives a perfect kick to start my day.  

My Typical Day in Office:

A typical day for me in office is checking incoming emails, follow ups, attending phone calls, appointments and looking into deal closures. My schedule is usually hectic and so I maintain a dairy to keep track so that I don't lose on any important details.  

Lunch Hour Means:

I usually don't like to have heavy lunch and so I prefer light Arabic food. My colleagues and I head to a restaurant near our office for lunch. I also love to relax with some sheesha in a quiet place.

My Passion:

My work is my first passion. Selling air time is an ongoing process and I love to chase new clients until I crack a deal with them.

In my free time, I love to go on a long drive with my wife and three-month-old daughter as it helps to relieve stress. I also love to play cricket with my friends.

My Day Ends with:

I end my day by playing with my lovely daughter until she dozes off to sleep.