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Feedback on Essel Newsletter

Feb 14, 2008 

Chairmanís articles At the outset, I would like to thank the Chairman for giving us an opportunity to talk to him directly through the Connect to the Chairman initiative. This speaks volumes of his humble nature. I truly liked the thoughts expressed by the Chairman in his article, especially the one about his grandfather. I recall what my grandfather would tell me: "Jo man ka ho to accha ... aur agar man ka na ho to aur bhi accha ! kyoki agar aapke man ka nahi hota hai to woh bhagwan ke man ka hota hai aur bhagwan aapka kabhi bura nahi chaheegee." I always remember these words when I am down. I look forward to the articles of our Chairman. T. S. Alokk Sr. Manager - Programming and Content Radio Division The article, Selflessness results in peace, is really interesting. Elvin Rodricks PMRTS Group Quickcalls Private Limited I enjoyed reading the Chairmanís articles on Happiness and Unlimited Desires (January 14 and 21). I strongly believe that when we are happy it is reflected in our work and in everything we do. Nobody can make us happy, but ourselves. We need to find happiness in the little things of life. I look forward to reading more such inspiring articles. Chandrama Pradhan Senior Executive - Academics Zee Interactive Learning Systems Ltd. Mumbai Your Space The points mentioned by Dr. M. Gautham Machaiah in the article Four (small) big lessons are very interesting. These points are usually ignored by many, including myself. Now on, whoever reads this article will surely follow these small little thoughts which are very effective. Thanks a lot for the wonderful message. Elizabeth Shyam Quickcalls Private Limited. Newsletter creates bonding I have recently joined Zee Interactive Learning Systems (ZILS). I am really impressed with the Essel Newsletter which reaches us every day. The Newsletter not only informs us about the developments in the company, but also creates a sense of bonding. I particularly like the discussion board where employees get an opportunity to voice their views on different issues. I take pride in being an employee of the Essel Group. The work culture is supportive and good. We are also lucky to have talented managers in the Group. Amit Kumar Zee Interactive Learning Systems West Zone Mail your feedback on this article on esselnewsletter@zeenetwork.com