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$200 million outlay for channel Veria

Oct 15, 2007
Oct 15, 2007  The Chairman Subhash Chandra stated that a total investment of over $200 million has been earmarked for the Essel Group's wellness and alternate lifestyle channel Veria. Veria was recently launched in the US and is available in the 15 million homes currently in the free preview period. In due course, Veria will be encrypted as a pay channel. Veria is the first of its kind channel created specifically around the theme of alternative lifestyle. “Veria is a 360 degree experience that connects the TV screen, the web as well as direct consumer interface through a network of 'wellness centres' that would be set up across the US,” the Chairman stated. “We would like this product to be global in next five years. The next step is to dub this content into Spanish to serve the Hispanic population of America, Latin America, and then go to Europe and Canada. And slowly perhaps, come to India as well,” he added. Mail your feedback on this article to esselnewsletter@zeenetwork.com