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A beautiful love story to start the year - Mon Dite Chai

Jan 02, 2023
Titir and Somraj belong to two different worlds- both socio-economically and rationally. 

The story is set in the backdrop of Ghatal where Titir, eldest amongst four siblings, hailing from a lower middle-class family, aspires to become a famous designer while helping her mother in their tailoring business. She has good business acumen and works really hard for the business to succeed. On the other hand, Somraj Banerjee from the very affluent Banerjee Family, has successfully taken his clothing brand to the pinnacle of success. Being a self-made man Somraj credits his success to himself, rather rejects the idea of a woman being the constant support system to a man's journey.

He despises the belief - “There is always a woman behind any successful man”; rather he believes that women are the main reason or obstruction behind the success of any man. Full of self Somraj sees none before him. Titir on the hand finds happiness in trivial things and lives life queen-size. So, when these two strong willed personalities cross path, the clash of ideals ensues but the hope of true love lingers on.

Mon Dite Chai stars Arunima Halder as 'Titir' and and Writtick Mukherjee as 'Somraj' amongst others.Will Titir be able to change Somraj's beliefs? Will they fall in love? Mon Dite Chai will answer these and many other questions.

Mon Dite Chai Starts 2nd January, Mon-Fri 10:30 pm only on Zee Bangla.

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