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A roller-coaster ride filled with comedy of errors and laughter: Catch 'Velle' on &pictures

Jun 17, 2022
Vello ka favourite kaam? Aaram! Aur favourite activity? Full-on time pass! But what happens when time pass turns into a series of hilarious events when three friends cross paths with three criminals. When a casually planned prank of kidnapping school principal's daughter goes south, these vello ki toli set out on a mission to undo everything. Experience one of the craziest tales of friendship and madness with the World Television Premiere of Velle on 18th June at 10pm &pictures. A true comedy of errors, Velle, is a comic caper that will make you laugh all through. Directed by Deven Munjal, this new-age college comedy stars the very promising Karan Deol alongside Abhay Deol along with Mouni Roy and Anya Singh in significant roles.

Talking about Velle, Karan Deol said, “Velle was a fun and exciting journey for me. A film on friendship gave me lifelong friends in my co-stars and my director. Working with Abhay chacha was a great learning experience, his approach to his craft is something I am looking to emulate. Of course, coming from my family the comparisons are inevitable, but like how everyone has a unique style and have been able to entertain the audience for generations, I'm looking forward to carving my own niche and audience and the love the film has gotten so far has been encouraging. The character that I play in the film is quite relatable, especially the part from the school days. He is not your typical hero, but someone that would remind you about yourself in different ways, and that's what I feel really adds to the humorous elements, making it the perfect entertainer. You will see these three friends living a super carefree life without thinking of consequences like tomorrow doesn't exist and are interested in doing everything apart from academics which in turn totally aligns with the title of the film – Velle.”

Teen college ke bande, ek Principal ki beti aur ek badi tabaahi! The story follows the lives of a school principal's daughter and her gang of carefree, mischievous friends, who, after a warning, decide to teach their principal a lesson by planning a prank of kidnapping his daughter. However, by the time they realize the prank has gone too far, they fall into a periodic loop of comical and thrilling events and unfortunate encounters.

Will our Vellas successfully get out of this chaos they are in? Find out on 18th June with the World Television Premiere of Velle on &pictures. 

Report By: Rafat Shaikh
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