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Abha Gupta votes for spirituality at work

Jun 19, 2007
Jun 19, 2007  Abha Gupta, Editor (Emotional Health) at Digital Media Convergence Ltd has won a gift hamper from the Essel Newsletter team for posting her views on spirituality in a workplace, on the Discussion Board. The Essel Newsletter had sought views from associates on whether there is room for spirituality in a workplace and the benefits of spirituality at work. All the people who sent in their responses were unanimous that spirituality is needed in a work place. Here is Abha's response: Most of us today spend more time in our workplace than anywhere else. We bring with us our set of values, principles, attitudes and fears too. The fear is of being able to succeed in our given tasks, of being able to rise to the occasion, of being productive and efficient and an underlying fear of losing the job. The principles and values that we bring lay the foundation on which we want our careers and profession to stand solidly. Many of us want our work to not only give as material satisfaction, but also a place where we can experience, embody and express our purest self... our real 'I'. When I think of spirituality, what comes to mind is living from the space of heart, being in the moment and allowing the best to emerge in any given situation. For me it also means to always remain happy with myself and no matter what the circumstances may be, never lose happiness of my mind. Some principles that have helped me make my workplace more fulfilling are: * Elephant Ears: Listening to your colleagues and others at the workplace with an open mind and elephant ears takes one a long way. For me, this skill has come through the practice of meditation. Through meditation, I have learnt to quieten the chattering of my mind and this has allowed easy access to my inner voice. At work, when in a meeting or while discussing matters with colleagues, I follow the same principles that I use in meditation practice. I find the results are more fulfilling for everyone present. There is room for group wisdom to emerge. * Respect and Trust: We all want others to respect as well as trust us. If these two seemingly simple qualities can be imbibed at workplace, half the workload of Human Resources personnel will be taken care of. Trust is the cornerstone of authentic communication. When there is respect for each other's ideas, opinions and principles, a “safe space” is created in which people have the permission to talk about their truth without fear of reprisal. It's my personal experience that when the truth is allowed to be safely and respectfully spoken, new possibilities emerge, people feel more aligned and a strong bond is created amongst all. Then working in a team is fun! * Nurturing: I have found that the more I nurture my inner world, more magnificent my outer world is. How wonderful it will be if we all can nurture the expression of the self and the spirit in others as well as ourselves in our work place. We all should take responsibility to facilitate the discovery of spirit, to celebrate it, and to hold others accountable for their expression of it. We all can become leaders in our own right and can support our colleagues, subordinates and bosses too in understanding that one of our key responsibilities as human beings is to fully express our spirit, our life purpose, and our gifts. * Introspection: Last not the least is the quality of constant introspection. If we all can take time every day, even if it is for few minutes, to look at our thoughts, our actions, our decisions, we will find ourselves a better person. If we can look at all that we do from the lens of “Is it for the benefit of all”, we will be building a spiritual sanctuary at our work place.