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Adopt a school, eradicate illiteracy

May 22, 2008
May 22, 2008 

Several companies of the Essel Group have emerged as conscious corporate citizens by actively contributing to various social causes, beyond the call of business. But their involvement in the Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation which provides free education to over five lakh rural students is virtually zero.


Essel Group companies can contribute to this noble cause by adopting schools. It costs just Rs 16,000 per year to adopt a school.


India has made rapid strides in various fields, but despite its intellectual prowess, the literacy level paradoxically remains at less than 35 per cent.


Today, illiteracy is the biggest bane of India, which has come as a stumbling block on the path to progress. The Father of the Nation had remarked that India lived in her villages, but Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of ‘gram swarajya’ remains shattered with millions of people in rural areas being denied access to basic education.


It is a sad commentary that even after five decades of Independence, over 65 per cent of the population continues to be illiterate.  The worst affected are tribal areas in far flung regions which have consistently been ignored.


Literacy is the strongest tool by which we can empower our people. In this direction, Ekal Vidyalaya , a charitable trust has unveiled an ambitious project to eradicate illiteracy from tribal India by the year 2011.


The Foundation, which runs non-formal one-teacher schools across the country, with the participation of numerous non-profit trusts and organisations, has emerged as one of the biggest non-governmental education movements in India. It provides free education to lakhs of tribal children through a network of 24,000 teachers and 5,000 volunteers.


Apart from its goal of achieving the national standards of Minimum Level of Learning (MLL) for its students, Ekal Vidyalaya also seeks to empower the village community for its self-development.


Numerous individuals and institutions have come forward to lend a helping hand, but a mission of such magnitude needs support from all quarters—be it business houses, influential Indians abroad, educationists or volunteers. Only when we join hands with one another, will it be possible to banish illiteracy from India.


Let us together light the lamp of knowledge and wipe out the scourge of illiteracy from the face of our Motherland.


Website: http://ekalindia.org/ekal_new/index.php


(Group companies desirous of supporting this cause may get in touch with the Chairman’s office)