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Afternoon Originals from Zee Tamil - October 9th onwards

Oct 09, 2017

In a category with fierce competition, Zee Tamil has always anchored change by redefining the rules of the game. The commitment of the brand to continuously reinvent by bringing cutting edge, differentiated content keeping the viewer as the core focus, has ensured it is always a fan favourite. The channel is set to disrupt the grammar of the category yet again with the launch of a fresh viewership slot pioneering fresh, gripping original content in the afternoon with two new fiction shows.

There is a sizeable television viewing audience in the afternoon. Currently the only options available to these viewers are Sun Originals or repeat telecasts. Our aim is to present viewers with a spectrum of original content thereby growing the entire category. The insight that has fuelled the proposition is a simple one: afternoons are the only time of the day when the woman of the house has a few moments to herself. Today's woman values her 'Me-time' and Zee Tamil is committed to engage her with original stories specially created for her. Our endeavour is that the two shows with varied storylines and different backgrounds strike a chord with viewers, moving them emotionally so that they connect with the characters.

Devathaiyai Kanden is the story of Vasudev who is brought up with extreme discipline by his ex-military grandfather. As years roll by, his grandfather finds him a match with whom he vehemently falls in love and later marries. Once the grandfather passes away the hero understands the power of the newly attained freedom, and thus comes to light the true colors of the hero. The male protagonist is played by Shree of Thalayanai Pookal fame and Meenakshi, the female lead is portrayed by newbie Shamili Nair. Show will premiere at 1:30 pm

Niram Maratha Pookal is the story of a village girl who is in love with her teen age crush. But her teen age crush boy is far away in a city and is in love with another city based fashionable girl. Circumstances forces the hero to marry the heroine. The struggle of the heroine to safeguard from revealing herself to the hero and hero's struggle .between the two women forms the crux of the story. Murali and Nishma are part of the lead casting. Show will premiere at 2:00 pm

The channel will also shift one of the longest running actuality shows in Television - Solvathellam Unmai to afternoon slot from the 9th and will air at 12:30 pm. With these launches Zee Tamil will now have 2 & a half hours of original programming in the afternoon.

Launch of afternoon originals is backed by a marketing campaign spread over a month. This includes ATL, BTL, Television, Radio, Cinemas, OOH & Digital.

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