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Uma - An inspiring story of a simple girl who hits the ball out of the park

Sep 13, 2021
Zee Bangla is a pioneer when it comes to introducing inspiring stories of women in the society, into our screens and into our lives, Stories of everyday women who strive to create a mark in the society. Be it Jomuna Dhaaki, who broke gender stereotypes and proved herself as an able Dhaaki in a male dominated profession, Krishnakoli who overcame society's concept of beauty or characters like Joyi  and Diya(Dweep Jele Jai) who proved their merit in Sports
Uma is a simple girl who dreams to be a cricketer. It's a story of a girl's journey of overcoming societal hurdles and fulfilling her dreams.
Traditionally, Cricket is a gentlemen's game and was reserved for the select privileged class of the society. As time passed, the game became popular, it travelled to many counties and gradually became popular with the masses. People started playing cricket in every nook and corner of the country. As many cricketing academies cropped up to nurture talented players, a sizable portion of these talented players are born in an Indian 'gully' or 'village'. The story celebrates the game which is now considered a religion in this country.
Uma is a talented girl from small town in Bengal, and after her father's death the family got in a financial turbulence. To overcome the crisis, she let go of her dream of becoming a cricketer and she joined hands with her sister and mother to sell 'Goyena Bori'. The male protagonist of the show is from an influential family involved in Cricketing administration, but he is not interested in cricket. He is an engineer by profession, a man with ideals who wants to be a politician.
The story takes a turn when the male protagonist is engaged with Alia, the popular vice-captain of the National women's cricket team. How will the story unfold when these three people with their own dreams, coming from different classes of the society stumble upon each other?
Uma's character is played by Shinjinee Chakraborty and the male lead Siddharth is played by Neel Bhattacharya
The show has been written and Directed by Sushanta Das, known for iconic and record-breaking shows in BGEC like Krishnakoli and Joyee
Watch Uma's inspiring journey starting today, 13th September, Mon-Sun 7:00 PM.
Report By: Amrita Ray
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