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Bihar Deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi Applauds Big Ganga!

Nov 06, 2018

Big Ganga is proud to have once again pioneered a first-of-its-kind property in the region - 'Shaurya Samman' which celebrated and awarded extraordinary acts by ordinary people from the region. Staying true to its core philosophy of celebrating and cementing regional pride, the channel organised this unique award ceremony which saluted the spirit of common man of the region. Held on October 24, 2018 at Sri Krishna Memorial Hall, Patna, the on-ground event felicitated many brave hearts and devoted police personnel of the state in the reputed presence of Sushil Kumar Modi, the Deputy CM of Bihar alongside other dignitaries, high-achievers and political leaders of the state.

During the on-ground event, Sushil Kumar Modi, the Deputy CM of Bihar extended his support and thanked everyone for coming out in such huge numbers, thereby highlighting the grandeur of the whole programme. He began the evening by carrying out the lamp-lighting ceremony with other dignitaries/luminaries gracing the occasion. The Deputy CM stated, “I would like to congratulate BIG Ganga for organizing such an incredible event in Patna. It was long due and people in the city were waiting for something like this”.

Hosted by eminent media personality - Richa Anirudh, the event was attended by various political figures, singers and actors from the region including Manoj Tiwari, Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh, Vinay Anand and Vijay Laal Yadav among others. The event was also graced by political leaders and dignitaries such as Sushil Kumar Modi – Deputy CM of Bihar, Nand Kishore Yadav – Cabinet Minister of Road in Government of Bihar, Prem Kumar – Agriculture minister, Government of Bihar, Rana Randhir – Co-operative Minister, Government of Bihar and Jai Kumar Singh – Industry Minister, Government of Bihar. The event was also aired on Big Ganga on Oct 26 at 7 PM.

Families and individuals turned out in huge numbers to be a part of the event and applauded BIG Ganga's heartfelt initiative; the event proved to be an absolute success. The key highlight of the occasion included the felicitation of Martyr Niranjan Kumar of the Bihar regiment with the title of Veer Kunwar Singh Shaurya Samman. Among others, who were praised were Gurmeet Singh felicitated with Bharat Matr Bhoomi Shaurya Samman, Guru Rehman awarded the title of Rashidan Biwi Shaurya Samman, Kisan chachi with the title of Mahtin Mai Shaurya Samman etc. Enthralling performances by Vinay Anand and Vijay Lal Yadav amplified the on-ground celebrations along with a breathtaking cultural act performed by Rajnigandha, a renowned Birha Singer and an acclaimed group present at the event.

With such high-profile, large-scale events, activities and compelling programming, Big Ganga has time and again established its leading position in the region. The channel continues to grow from strength to strength, winning hearts of its audience in the region at large.

Report By: Nand Kishore
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