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Boddhisatwer Bodhbudhhi - The amazing tale of a wonder boy

Jul 04, 2022
The essence of “Notun Chhondey Likhbo Jibon” - has always been shouldered by Zee Bangla with elan. Over the years, Zee Bangla has catered to it's dedicated audience with storytelling at its best, letting them engage and enjoy the different flavours and spices of life - of inspiration, romance, family values, social and cultural traditions of Bengal. This time Bodhi, an 8-year-old prodigy is about to take the audience on a whirlwind two way journey. For the elders it would be revisiting childhood, whereas for children of this generation, it would be an identifiable world. 
Bodhi is way too brilliant for his age. He studies in class 4 but can compete with someone thrice his age. Due to his high IQ, Bodhi faces difficulties fitting into the normal crowd. Not being able to cope up with him, even his parents, especially his mother, is fed up with his racing brains often equating them to antics. As the story progresses, Bodhi is caught up in varied situations and his reactions bring about comical elements to the story that are meaningful yet hilarious. The show also captures the slice of life in a Bengali household with a tinge of nostalgia for the traditional Bengali culture. Bodhi upholds the values through his daily interactions, his clothes, the way he speaks to his parents, relatives, and members of the household.

The launch was uniquely showcased to the Press with a creative press meet which captured the essence of the show with a classroom décor, student seats for the press and giveaways that carried geometry boxes, stationaries that evoked nostalgia.
The event captured a sweet moment wherein Bodhi was scared and was feeling socially awkward to meet so many people, his mother was waiting for him on stage and he was hiding, finally he was introduced to the Press by Mr. Samrat Ghosh, Cluster Head, East. A unique photo op was created that successfully portrayed the channel promise 'Notun Chondey Likhbo Jibon' along with highlighting the quirks of the show.
The show is an attempt to explore a new path in fiction storytelling and has received abundant love from the Press as well.

Watch Boddhisatwer Bodhbuddhi starting today, 4th July Monday to Friday, 10 pm onwards to find out how Bodhi copes with the world inside and outside his school and academics.

Report By: ZB Marketing
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