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Cab Driver by day, Vigilante by night. Denzel Washington is here to equalize sins and virtue in Equalizer 2 on &flix

Apr 19, 2019
When all doors of help are shut, Robert McCall, erstwhile a Lyft driver brings the justice you seek. Belonging to the genre of Clint Eastwood, Liam Nesson and Bruce Wills, witness Denzel Washington act at a whole new level with 'The Equalizer 2'. For the first time on television, &flix, the destination for the biggest Hollywood hits, is set to premiere this action-packed thriller, this Sunday, April 21, at 1PM and 9PM. The film will also be aired on &PrivéHD as a part of Club Privé on April 21, 3 PM and on Zee Café at 2 PM.

Based on the television series The Equalizer, the movie brings to life the great characters of Robert McCall, Two Times Oscar Award Winner Denzel Washington and Dave York, budding artist Pedro Pascal as envisioned by director Antoine Fuqua.

"Do not repay evil with evil: 1 Peter 3:9" quotes the bible, but 21st century McCall has his own ways to repay evil doings. A Lyft driver by profession, Robert McCall is a former Marine and Defence Intelligence Agency Spy who lives in an apartment in Massachusetts. He is a strong believer of giving one chance to repent for their sins, failing to do so they better get ready to taste their own medicine. When it comes to justice, he will go beyond his capabilities to seek the truth, but this time; his friend and former colleague from the Defence Intelligence Agency were murdered. On a mission to avenge the death of his friend, he sets out on a journey to bring justice in the most gruesome way.

Witness Robert McCall avenge his fallen friend, as &flix is all set to premiere The Equalizer 2 on Sunday, April 21 at 1PM and 9PM

Catch the film on &PriveHD at 3PM And Zee Cafe at 2PM

Report By: Aditya Raje
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