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Celebrate the Real You this Women's Day! | A Women's Day Special from Noiz Network

Mar 08, 2017

Women - the word that can define everything from strength to passion to a gift to mankind, in every form. Yet, they are often oppressed in society, be it urban or rural. Yes, the world has been changing with terms like equality and feminism being somewhat the 'war cry' in various discussions and debates today.

When she dresses up, she not only looks good, but also feels good. When she steps out of her house in the trendiest of avatars matched with perfect makeup, she is a treat for sore eyes for those around her. But does this mean that she is trying too hard to be accepted amidst other women and most importantly, men? Does her makeup palette define how much depth she has? Or does she only doll up to become the talk-of-the-town and unfortunately for all the wrong reasons?

This video, by Noiz Network, makes a bold statement about how a woman is much more than just being a pretty face. As she listens to all your pinpricks and brickbats, she does not want the world define her through the makeup she wears and the clothes she dons. This Women's Day, we're bringing a change that will start with a small step and go a long way in the long run. We're treasuring each one of you by celebrating the real you, with or without makeup.

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