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Classic Legends Season 4 pays homage to Shashi Kapoor in its finale episode

Dec 15, 2017

An icon, a legend and an actor whose skills can only be described as effortlessly incredible, Shashi Kapoor's humble soul always stood miles above his family's legacy winning the hearts of audiences across the world. Taking viewers on a captivating journey through his life from being a child artiste to a Dada Saheb Phalke Award and National Award winner will be storyteller par excellence, Javed Akhtar in the penultimate episode of Classic Legends Season 4. This weekend, Zee Classic, with its proposition 'Woh Zamana Kare Deewana' will pay its respects to one of India's greatest entertainers through many untold tales and glimpses of Late Shashi Kapoor's personal and professional life. The finale episode of Classic Legends Season 4 will air on Sunday, 17th December at 7:00 PM will highlight the enigma that was Shashi Kapoor and what made him one of the most loved actors of his generation.

Belonging to Bollywood's first family, the Kapoor khandaan, Shashi Kapoor was not only the youngest but also the most pampered and most mischievous of three brothers. And, much like rest of the family, his love for food was endless! Javed Akhtar recalls, “Shashi Kapoor was, once, sent to a hostel where he did not like the food. Almost immediately, he got in touch with his family and used many pressure tactics to take him back home.”

Shashi Kapoor's Bollywood debut at the tender age of 6 with the movie Shakuntala, kick-started a long and illustrious journey to becoming an actor. Javed Akhtar revealed, “Shashi Kapoor gave up his education in his early teens and joined Mumbai's Prithvi Theatre. Few years later, when he travelled with his theatre group to Kolkata, his eyes fell upon a beautiful young lady who was a part of the theatre group Shakespeareana. Coincidentally, her play was being showcased at the same venue where Shashi Kapoor's play was scheduled for. This was when Shashi Kapoor and Jennifer Kendal's love story started. Coming from two contrasting family backgrounds with opposing views, Jennifer and Shashi Kapoor found it difficult to stay in touch. To maintain the sanctity of their love, his older brother Shammi Kapoor stepped in and sponsored Shashi Kapoor's travels so that he could meet his lady love.”

What were some of Shashi Kapoor's biggest pranks? And, what were the secrets of Jennifer and Shashi Kapoor's life?

To know all this and more, don't miss the finale episode of Classic Legends Season 4 with Javed Akhtar on Sunday, 17th December 2017 at 7:00 PM only on Zee Classic!

Report By: Vidhi Sanghavi    
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