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DishTV - Spreading Positivity

Aug 10, 2020
The Covid-19 outbreak has brought unprecedented behavioural and operational shifts amongst both people and businesses. Confined to their homes, children to youth to senior citizens- all have relied mainly on TV and its services, to keep themselves entertained and informed. DishTV's endeavour, in this context, has been to ensure that our subscribers, employees and associates stay connected and stay positive, amidst all the challenges that they face.

With the objective that the 'show must go on', DishTV has adopted an eight-pillar strategy to focus on POSITIVE and keep moving ahead.

P- Proactive Planning- Almost a month ahead of the lockdown, we initiated a meticulous planning exercise envisaging various possible scenarios and specific countermeasures that they will entail. Multiple mock drills were conducted to identify gaps and prepare. We moved into the WFH mode almost a week ahead of the formal declaration of lockdown by the government.

O- Operational Continuity- Our continuous transformation over the years to digital focus and investments in technology has helped us immensely in this emergent situation. When the markets got closed, we helped our customers move seamlessly to digital recharge mode, made possible with timely enablement and awareness. Constant flow of right information and communication between the various stakeholders on a realtime basis has ensured that operations run as smoothly and as normal as possible for our customers.

S- Solutioning - We were able to implement alternative solutions to address new challenges.  Leveraging technology, we enabled our third-party call centre agents to work from home seamlessly. Our AI-enabled chatbots came handy to learn from new situations and address customer issues. To support our customers, we shared multiple DIY tools to help them resolve any service issue they face as many of them did not want a technician to visit their premises.

I- Ideation/ Innovation- We have launched various new initiatives like special online-only offers, longer credit period for subscribers under lockdown, a scheme to recharge for your friends & family and addition of 'Swayam Prabha' and other educational channels. We also stepped up sampling and sales of our VAS services and our OTT offerings on Watcho, to provide unique and new content to keep the viewers engaged.

T- Team Work- Smooth transition from office life to WFH without interrupting services and broadcast has been made possible as all individuals and teams have risen to the occasion. Long-distance coordination facilitated by exemplary team leadership at all levels has ensured smooth rollout of several new initiatives.  Successful organisation of Dish-a-thon 2020 (M&E industry's largest Hackathon) in its virtual avatar is just one example of this teamwork.

I- Improvement and Enhancement- We have treated this period as an opportunity for skill enhancement. There have been at least 2-3 learning opportunities for almost every employee. This has ranged from sharpening their own functional skills to acquiring cross-functional exposure. This has also been the time to review and strengthen several of our longstanding processes, systems and policies. We have also used this window to engage more closely with our business partners, creative agencies, broadcasters and other content providers.
V- Vitality and Health- Our HR team has been arranging doctor interaction and various awareness sessions for employees. All cautionary safety measures like social distancing, regular sanitizing, and usage of masks (and PPE kits wherever required) by our brave engineers and technicians have been mandated to protect our customers and workforce. We have also been assisting employees in helping them manage work-life balance challenges while at home through need-based counselling sessions.

E- Energizing & Engaging- Passion for customer service is the hallmark of our business. Leadership team of the company has ensured that every team member is involved with full enthusiasm and commitment. Company-wide town halls with top management, online meetings with functional heads, along with high-intensity online fun and educational activities have kept our employees engaged and at high productivity levels. And we have been happy to see the rising customer satisfaction scores.

We have been following this mantra of focusing on POSITIVE in letter and spirit. We have put our money where our mouth is and launched Dish Positive and D2H Positive channels on our two DTH platforms. These have been disseminating authoritative, informative and positive updates on Covid 19. We have committed ourselves to building a better tomorrow. Let's be positive, optimistic, and stay strong and stay safe.

Report By: Hirdesh Agarwal
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