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E-City Ventures launches E-City Media

Oct 22, 2007
Oct 22, 2007 E-City Ventures, the corporate brand representing the Essel Group's interests in the cinema exhibition and retail real estate business, has launched E-City Media Pvt Ltd. E-City Media will synergise with the company's existing businesses by providing on screen and off screen advertisement solutions in malls and multiplexes. With our massive digital, single screen refurbishment and multiplex rollout (1500 screens by 2011), it was important to create a centre point for the advertisement activities. The hive off will give this media business the required attention and focus, said Anand Vishal, Vice-President, E-City Media. With advertising and branding activities at malls and multiplexes slated to grow to Rs 500 crore in three years, and the numbers of screens in the country increasing rapidly, E-City Media will also push to enter into strategic partnerships with other existing advertising players in the same space to maximize its overall revenue. The main aim is to grow our current revenue from advertisements from the existing 7-8 per cent of the total revenue to approximately 15 per cent, and also to jumpstart the revenue stream of advertising for our digital business, Atul Goel, CEO, E-City Ventures, said. E-City Media is the sixth business of E-City Ventures, the others being Fun Cinemas, E-City Property Management & Services, E-City Real Estate Holdings, E-City Digital and E-City Films. Mail your feedback on this article to esselnewsletter@zeenetwork.com.