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Esseliteís crusade to save turtles

Apr 11, 2008
Apr 11, 2008 

Greens are up in arms against the construction of the Dhamra port close to the Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary, Orissa, the world's largest remaining nesting ground for the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle, a species classified as endangered. Between 200,000 and 500,000 female turtles nest here every year, in spectacular arribadas (mass nesting).


The port and its attendant infrastructure, accompanying industrial and residential development, artificial lighting and the shipping traffic it will attract are only some of the problems it poses for the turtles and their hatchlings.


Abhay Ohja of Play TV has decided to contribute his mite to the cause of the turtles by lending his support to the environmentalists. He has already written a strong letter to company constructing the dam, expressing his serious concern.


But as Abhay says, ďI would like to contribute something for the country, but I cannot do it alone.Ē Abhay has requested Esselites to join hands with him in saving the turtles. You can mail him on: ojhaa@playtv.in