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Experience the mystique of Lalkuthi with Zee Bangla

Apr 29, 2022
With every new show Zee Bangla aspirers to break it's records and set new benchmarks for the content ecosystem.

And this time also, we have managed to push the envelope further. So here's something which is truly unique, and is set to take our viewers by storm. Welcome to Lalkuthi – a house steeped in mystery and suspense, which acts as the canvas for drama and thrill to unravel.

Lalkuthi is Zee Bangla's offering in the thriller drama genre, with the story revolving around the lives of Vikram and Anamika. While their relationship has many facets and will surely add to the story, they also share a very distinct relationship with the house Lalkuthi. Riddled with thrilling twists and turns of various events, it will definitely leave the audience gasping for more. With Lalkuthi, we have aimed for a multi-layered narrative structure, which is bound to engage the audience in a more immersive way, keeping them hooked till the very end. Helping set up the narrative is Anamika, the Protagonist, who hails from a family which deals in real estate but harbours the desire to make her mark in the art and business of jewellery designing. On the other hand, we have Vikram, whose family specialises in gemstones, and are regarded as industry experts.

Vikram and Anamika's paths cross in a remarkable way leading to an opportunity for Anamika to make her foray in the world of jewellery design. This is also how she is introduced to Lalkuthi, since the house is where the gemstone manufacturing unit is.

Eventually, a bond develops between the two, and this bond transcends into a romance where both become dependent on each other, and this brewing love and bond eventually leads them to getting married. It is at this juncture that things take an unforeseen turn, since strange things start to happen with her inside the house.

The story only gets more engaging from here, with dark secrets being revealed, and twists and turns that only go on to enrich the main narrative further. We can promise that this show will offer an experience for the viewers which is rare in the world of GEC, it caters all the elements of a love story intertwined with a thriller angle. 

Anamika's character is being played by Rooqma Ray and male lead Vikram is played by Rahul Banerjee, both very popular faces of the Bengali entertainment industry.

The show is produced by Surinder Films, which has produced Bengali movie blockbusters and produced more than 20 television shows with over 4000 hours of TV content. 

So, join us as we embark on a journey with Anamika and Vikram navigating their relationship in this multi layered story with twists in every corner, starting today from 9:30 PM, every Monday- Friday only on Zee Bangla.

Report By: Aihik Barua
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