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Feedback: Mobile Etiquette

Mar 27, 2008
Mar 27, 2008 

The Essel Newsletter carried a report on mobile etiquette, last week. The responses received indeed project that our colleagues feel that mobile phones not only reduce productivity but also is a risky proposition if not handled with care. Here are some responses we received.



Many a time people discuss their personal lives over the phone in public places. This generates curiosity in the other personís mind and may prove dangerous for the person talking over the phone. I feel the information provided by the Newsletter is indeed an eye opener.


Govind Barhoos

ZILS, Mumbai



If you have your mobile phone turned on in meetings, restaurants or theaters set it to vibrate mode. In case you have to attend a call, excuse yourself and answer your phone in a corner. One should be considerate of people standing or sitting next to them. Talking on the mobile phone while driving is of course a hazard to life. One should also consider issues of road safety and ability to multitask. We should concentrate on one task at a time with focus, efficiency and etiquette.


Arvind Mishra

Internet Sales, DMCL



I hope the information provided will be read by all employees and that it cascades down. Mobile phones may create unpleasant situations while working. In manufacturing units mobiles may create a security threat. They may lead to the overlooking of quality and discipline as the employees of the manufacturing units ignore the machinery and get involved with the phone. I strongly feel that during work mobile phones act as a demoralising agent and hamper productivity.


U. Soman

Essel Propack



Checking text messages while talking to someone has the same effect as checking your watch or yawning. It makes the person standing next to you feel that you are bored.


Surabhi Shastry

Essel Corporate