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Following the trail of clues with “Pandab Goenda”, launching today on Zee Bangla

Sep 07, 2020
Bengal, a state that has given birth to some of the greatest literary icons, ranging from Rabindranath Tagore to Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay to Satyajit Ray, making it arguably the literary and cultural capital of the country.

Also bengalis crave for intellectual stimulation and have a profound love for travel, exploration and adventure. This is primarily the reason behind the mass popularity of detective and adventure stories, ranging from Feluda , Byomkesh to Pandab Goenda.  In fact Bengali literature has one of the largest collection of stories in the mystery/detective genre.

Zee Bangla has always been a pioneer in tapping into this literary goldmine of Bengal and bringing it alive on the television screen, with shows stimulating joy and delight in the Bengali GEC viewer. With a brand promise of Notun Chhonde Likhbo Jibon, Zee Bangla has created shows by adapting literary classics such as Subarnalata by Ashapurna Devi and Saat Bhat Champa in Thakumar Julki. Staying true to its brand DNA and riding the tide of the recent launch of the iconic folklore Khirer Putul by Abanindranath Tagore, Zee Bangla is now bringing another iconic Bengali literary classic alive on the television screen, Pandab Goenda.

Set in Kolkata 2020, it is a modern day adaptation of the literary classic. We follow a group of five teens that undertakes various adventures to unmask the social evils and bring poetic justice. A narrative tone of an adventure and crime thriller, the storytelling is pacey and high-energy, something that the youth will find interesting and engaging.

The protagonist or the leader of the group BABLOO has keen sense of observation. He loves the details, he has brilliant analytical skills. He is calm, composed and is a perfect balance between body and mind. His desire is to know the truth about his father that sets him on a path of finding clues and joining them to get his answers. His motto in life, to unravel the mystery behind his missing father, an Ex-Cop. In this pursuit he develops an affinity towards solving anything that is wrong around him.

BACHOO & BICHHU, are sibling yet poles apart. On one hand Bachoo is traditional at heart and mind but a gadget freak, she is tech savvy and has brain to seek out the impossible and added to it her maturity is commendable. Bichoo on the other hand is innocent, vibrant, vulnerable and gullible. A typical teenager with a hidden attribute. She has an elephants memory, be it numbers, faces or anything under the sun. They hail from an upper middle class household.

BILOO, the rich kid with an industrialist father is least interested in either studies or the business that he is to inherit someday. He is much more at ease with his friends, a world of adventure is his comfort zone. He is impulsive, physically aggressive, a lover of Martial arts and wears a Nanchako like a wedding ring.

Every group has always had a foodie and BHOMBOL, the son of a sweet shop owner completes that in this group of five. The hundred year old sweetshop and a cash rich father's son loves food, solving puzzles, riddles and his round up his Rubik cube. Besides breaking codes he is a sharp shooter with his sling shot.

At the core, there is a bouquet of relatable five characters with different character traits that add different flavours to the gang, making itself self-contained, complete and high on empathy quotient.

The show has been directed by Rahool Mukherjee and the title track music has been scored by Indradip Dasgupta with a rendition by singer Shaan.

Join these 5 teenagers as they solve the mysterious that lurks beneath from 7th September, Mon-Fri at 10.00pm.

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