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How to enrol for Vipassana?

Dec 14, 2007
Dec 14, 2007  1. The Global Vipassana Foundation conducts ten day courses through out the year. 2. All Essel Group employees across all grades shall be eligible for 12 days of special leave, over and above their sanctioned leave, to enable them to attend the course. 3. Though the course is for ten days, two extra days have been sanctioned to account for travel time. 4. All employees are first advised to visit www.dhamma.org, www.vri.dhamma.org 5. Before applying for registration, employees may familiarise themselves with the concept of Vipassana and the code of conduct, by visiting the websites. 6. As the course is conducted through out the year, employees may select a suitable schedule in consultation with their reporting heads / HR department. 7. A detailed list of the course schedule and location is available on the Vipassana website. 8. As these courses are much sought after, you are requested to plan your schedule well in advance. Last minute cancellations will not be appreciated. 9. Employees desirous of attending the course should fill up the requisition form and submit it to the Essel Group cell which is coordinating the initiative. All forms should be approved by the reporting head /HR department. Soft copies of the form along with approvals on the e-mail can also be sent. 10. Only employees who complete the course will be eligible for special leave. 11. Employees interested in attending the course may send the duly approved requisition forms to: Shwetha Halesh Essel Corporate Resources Pvt Ltd 39, III Floor United Mansions Bangalore- 560 001 Email: haleshs@zeenetwork.com 12. The requisition may be sent in the following format: VIPASSANA REQUISITION FORM Name: Company: Contact Numbers: Email: Location of Vipassana Centre (Please visit www.dhamma.org www.vridhamma.org ): Course dates: Option 1: Option 2: The form has to be approved by the Head of the Department. Mail your feedback on this article to esselnewsletter@zeenetwork.com.