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Ichheputul- True love is selfless

Jan 30, 2023
The story starts with the bond between two sisters Mayuri and Megh. Mayuri has been critically ill since her childhood, thus, gets additionally pampered by her family. Younger sister Megh comes to the rescue of her sister's life with a rare plasma match. The long and short of it Mayuri's pulse runs on Megh's claret. Despite being the younger sister, Megh is the one who has been taking care of her parents as well as her elder sister like an Oak.

Despite being beholden, Mayuri gets the idea of manipulating her sister and the rest of the family under the aegis of her ailment. She develops a propensity of persuasive ownership over every little good thing in life, where putting away her younger sister's stake has never been a subject to consider. Megh on the contrary is aware of her responsibility and readily sacrifices her chunk of happiness to keep her sister happy. 

The story takes a shift with the arrival of Dr Souraneel. Megh falls in love with this compassionate gentleman. It's been a habit of Mayuri to snatch every little felicity. This time her eyes fall on the love interest of her younger sister, and she claims her right. Like always she plays that victim card of her disease and demands Souraneel from her sister. 

Will Megh willingly sacrifice the love of her life to fulfil her elder sister's wish or destiny has some other plans? This is to watch out for. Watch the bitter-sweet tale of love Ichcheputul from 30th January. Tune in to Ichcheputul Mon-Fri 10 pm onwards only on Zee Bangla.

Report By: Zee Bangla
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