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ICL lines up marketing blitzkrieg

Aug 30, 2007
Aug 30, 2007 

The Indian Cricket League has a punch-packed marketing plan lined up to build the league as differently from the BCCI as possible. The plan begins with SMS-based polls through which team captains will be selected. Simultaneously, there will be a talent search drive across cities.


There is enough on the platter to lure brands - blimps, mascots, celebrities, flash mobs, road shows, brand films, music videos, albums and contests to create a buzz around the league, which aims to become the Indian version of the Super Bowl.


The sponsorship costs is Rs 3.5 crore for four slots as the key partner, Rs 2.3 crore for six slots as team partner and Rs 90 lakh for eight slots as the official partner. The partnership costs are again divided into four slots for Rs 3.5 crore as a key partner, Rs 3 crore for six slots as team partner and Rs 1.5 crore for eight slots as official partner.


ICL will build its corporate identity through an all India reach, sponsoring the coveted award and key cricketing assets. The league also plans to create ‘space for sports’ through community service along with offering opportunities for local marketing and activation.