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ICL unveils team logos, gear

Nov 12, 2007
Nov 12, 2007  The Indian Cricket League (ICL) has revealed its brand logo and campaign. The ICL's team uniforms, designed by fashion designer Manish Arora, were also unveiled. The ICL's first Twenty20 cricket tournament is slated to begin on November 30 and end on December 16. "The team gear has been especially designed in keeping with the international standards. The outfits of the six teams reflect the spirit of new cricket,” said ICL chairman-executive board Kapil Dev. The inspiration to design these uniforms has been drawn from what each city stands for and is customised to reflect each city's ideology. The colours of the graphics are designed to be vibrant, exude energy and positive attitude. “The uniforms I have designed for Indian Cricket League are just like the game itself - it is fresh, colorful and dynamic. I am sure we will all enjoy watching this fast paced game with the energy and vibrancy which I have tried to incorporate into the uniforms,” said designer Manish Arora. ICL's overall brand identity has been created by O&M. The brand logo features a red cricket ball with ICL in a large, stylised, steel coloured font wrapped around it. ICL's brand positioning will be 'where dreams can come alive'. The position line for ICL states: 'Sapne Manzil Tak'. The advertising campaign will run in three phases from November 7 till December 16. The first phase introduces the brand proposition of ICL with Kapil Dev as the brand ambassador. It highlights the journey that is possible from a small town or village to a cricket stadium and encourages amateur cricketers to realise their dream. The second phase will talk about individual identities and qualities in the six chosen teams. The teams include Kolkata Tigers, Hyderabad Heroes, Delhi Jets, Chandigarh Lions, Mumbai Champs, and Chennai Superstars. The third phase of the campaign will highlight the teams as rivals and emphasise on individual heroes from each team. Mail your feedback on this article to esselnewsletter@zeenetwork.com.