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Incredible double win for Zee Marathi's WTP of Albatya Galbatya in the Indian Content Marketing Awards 2021

Oct 19, 2021
Setting itself ahead of the curve, Zee Marathi's world television premiere of Albatya Galbatya bagged two awards at the Indian Content Marketing Awards (ICMA) 2021. This groundbreaking campaign secured a Silver in Best Content Marketing – Experiential and Bronze in Best Use of Character-Led Branded Content!

It is known that television dramas, or natya in Marathi, are an integral part of the Marathi entertainment culture. What truly set this campaign apart was that it took its strength from the enchantment of live performance, focusing on re-introducing children to the world of theatre in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, Albatya Galbatya, a beloved play, invoked nostalgia, providing viewers an incredibly interactive engagement experience by leveraging the spontaneity of natya and translating it to television for the first time in history.

Albatya Galbatya's world television premiere followed an integrated marketing campaign, carefully created to enhance and drive viewership. Through a customized approach, the holistic campaign sought to recreate the magic of theatre from the comfort of the television screen, attracting the attention of theatre fans across Maharashtra.

A four-fold strategy was implemented: riding on the rich legacy of the play, leveraging the popularity of the central character Chinchi Chetkin, reaching out to audiences where they are most accessible, and creating a buzz-worthy campaign around Albatya Galbatya's first telecast.

Chinchi Chetkin, the protagonist of the play, was wonderfully brought to life by Vaibhav Mangle. Additionally, the character has charmed, amused, and entertained generations of children, so it was a no-brainer that the Chinchi Chetkin could help drive engagement and secure the maximum tune-ins on the launch day. Diverse activities, including digitally-hosted competitions such as fancy dress, drawing, and play-acting competitions and engagement-led and innovative posts on Instagram, contributed tremendously toward the success of the campaign.

What's more, the Chinchi Chetkin managed to capture children's hearts and imagination in surprise activities organized by Zee Marathi in association with schools. To mark Children's Day, the chetkin appeared on their screens during online classes and interacted with them.

The campaign also synthesized the power of technology and experiential entertainment. Using a multi-pronged approach, it went beyond traditional promotion through pioneering innovative approaches to drive engagement across all platforms. In a first-of-its-kind attempt, a two-sided printed cutout of the Chinchi Chetkin was flown across the sky using drones to create the illusion of the witch sailing across the horizon. Besides, in strategic locations across Mumbai, customized videos of the Chinchi Chetkin were projected on giant buildings. The iconic chetkin flying across town created a tidal wave of interest that carried over well up to the launch day.

Overall, the campaign's experiential promotional efforts and character-led branded content were an astounding triumph.

Report By: Priyanka Mhatre
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