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Intrex launches in-house magazine

Nov 16, 2007
Nov 16, 2007 

On the occasion of Diwali, Intrex India had launched its in-house magazine – Intrexian. The first issue has a Diwali theme and covers news and events held from July to October 2007.

“I am delighted to know that Intrex and its associated companies have launched Intrexian. The in-house magazine will play a vital role in binding employees. Due to our hectic professional lives, we sometimes miss out on key events in our organisation. Intrexian will act as a platform to share information with one another,” stated Ashok Goel, Chairman, Intrex India.

Executive Director Navin Surya affirmed that the “newsletter is our continuous belief in convergence at all levels and to promote 'Converging Intrexians'.”

The editorial team for Intrexian comprises Anand Kale, Shekher Srivastava, Megha Gupta and Ankur Pandey. “Intrexian is our effort towards keeping everyone connected,” said Megha Gupta.

The magazine has a variety of segments including news, HR initiatives and updates on new employees. The 'Employees expression' segment is the employees platform to share views.

Check the link below to access the first issue of Intrexian. http://www.esselnewsletter.com/intrex/dealer_mag_opt_2.pdf


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