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It's time for HERstory, instead of HIStory, on &PriveHD

Mar 08, 2019
A woman is known to don many hats; while some act as a catalyst to one's success, there are others who are fundamental in creating an impact through their stimulating stories. Celebrating these inspiring women, &PrivéHD brings you a powerful line up of critically acclaimed movies from their library all through the month of March. Feel the other side of nuanced cinema with Academy Award-winning actresses like Natalie Portman and Golden Globe winners like Kate Hudson and Amy Adams.

Bringing in Women's Day with a mixture of Oscar-winning titles and Oscar-nominated tiles, the content bucket also has a biopic of one of the most influential women in history, along with many other inspiring stories. To mark the special day on March 8, &PrivéHD has an exclusive line up of thoughtfully curated movies to run on Women's Day, starting 11 AM. Women's Day Binge will consist of the titles, The Post, The Iron Lady, Kidnap, Erin Brockovich and Diana. From winning hearts to winning awards, these movies have left a mark in history depicting what women can accomplish.
&PriveHD will premiere three brilliant state of the art films which will galvanize every woman in their corporate, emotional and personal life. Prive Premieres this March celebrates these dynamic women through movies like Miss Sloane, Gemini, and Professor Marston & the Wonder Woman as a Saturday Special at 1 PM and 9 PM. Each of the movies narrate a compelling story of powerful women - one depicts the tale of a formidable lobbyist in a pure corporate environment; while others talk about love, sex, and friendship. These characters showcase a strong emotion and the direction of their character makes them stand out from the mainstream movies

Along with the premieres, &PrivéHD is all set to showcase a series of distinct performances under its programming property 'Side by Side: Actress Special'. Featuring movies of Natalie Portman, Kate Hudson, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson, and Helen Mirren from two different times showcasing their versatility to our non-conformist audience. The Indian audiences will get an opportunity to watch and compare both movies which have garnered accolades across the globe.

Feel the other side of #WOMYNINPOWER, this March, with an amazing lineup of thought-provoking, inspiring and powerful stories of women, who made their mark, only on &PriveHD

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Report By: Aditya Raje
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