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Join the fight for atmasamman as Zee Cinema gears up for the World Television Premiere of Rashmi Rocket on 27th November

Nov 25, 2021
A tale of perseverance, struggle, righteousness, and respect - Zee Cinema is once again here to break the shackles as they bring to fore the story of a female athlete who runs the test of fighting for her self-respect and identity. Shedding light on an important subject and questioning the rules of society, Taapsee Pannu's Rashmi Rocket, premieres on Zee Cinema on 27th November at 8 pm.
A directorial venture by the visionary storyteller Akash Khurana, the film is rated a staggering 7.7 on IMDB, a testimony for bonafide performances by the talented Taapsee Pannu- fearless Rashmi Vira, Abhishek Banerjee- a lawyer who fights for justice and Priyanshu Painyuli- Rashmi's pillar of strength. Supriya Pathak, as Rashmi's mother, and Supriya Pilgaonkar, as the judge, play pivotal roles as strong female characters in the movie.
Rashmi Rocket isn't just about that one make or break game in the climax or the journey of an athlete, it is a roar for the countless nameless women from small towns that have faced and continue to face inequality and bias. This legal drama is about the battle against the system, about the unjust rules for women athletics, which was challenged in the court and changed the rules of sports forever for the world. Through its exploration of a little-known subject, with impeccable storytelling, and powerful performances, the film promises to inform, entertain and educate its audiences till the finish line.
Sharing his experience, Priyanshu Painyuli said, “Playing the role of Captain Gagan in Rashmi Rocket has been more than special to me. Growing up, I witnessed the journey of my dad who is a retired colonel from Assam regiment. It's because of him that my fascination and inclination towards the armed forces only grew, while acting is something that is my passion. My love for cinema and the deep respect for the army perfectly coalesced in this role and I am only grateful that it was offered to me. I remember sending pictures to my family in the army uniform and they all told me that I resembled my dad from his early days as a young captain”
Talking about his character, Abhishek Banerjee, said, “Whenever I pick a role, I place the script and the character at the primal importance. When I read about my character in the film, I was immediately intrigued as Eeshit is someone who fights for a cause – an athlete, someone who takes a stand and wants to bring about a change. To prepare for the role, I always thought of someone who fights for change and maybe that's why I connected with the character. I think this came as a great opportunity to understand a human like that and it inspired me in ways I didn't imagine.”
On the film, Supriya Pathak shared, “Today, stories have multiple layers through which it communicates much more than what meets the eye on the screen. That is what I love about the young directors, their passion to dig deep into the script really brings out the best of stories. They have a fresh perspective of looking at things. Rashmi Rocket is one such story I found to be very moving. The relationship of a mother and child has evolved so the portrayal of those relationships is more real today. Rashmi got her strength and firm stance from the people surrounding her. Her mother, who stood as a rock for her, gave her the tough treatment required to face the strongest of the storm. Redefining a mother's love, Rashmi Rocket really broke through with a very versatile and real portrayal of tough love that sets an example.”
Rashmi Rocket features the inspiring story of Rashmi Vira- a spirited tomboy from Kutch, with a carefree childhood and supportive parents who always encouraged her to push her limits and become a world athletic champion. However, her career comes to a dead end when she becomes a victim of gender bias faced by the female athletes. Thereafter, begins her journey to overcome all barriers and fight for justice.
Get ready to get, set and go with Rashmi Rocket on 27th November only on Zee Cinema!
Report By: Rafat Shaikh 
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