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Kori Khela - A second chance at love and life! Starts today on Zee Bangla

Mar 08, 2021
Life doesn't always give you second chances. Many people live by this saying, believing that they must get everything perfect the first time around. But Zee Bangla wants to show you something different. When it comes to providing quality entertainment, Zee Bangla has always been the avant-garde. Unique stories with unique perspectives which make the audience rethink life in a new rhythm. Zee Bangla all is set to bring something new to the table again, with their new show Kori Khela.

The story revolves around young Kori – a single parent, bringing up her son Kuttush, and living with her mother. And what does Kori do? She runs a bakery of her own, and is successfully doing so. While her mother wishes that Kori give marriage another chance, Kori is adamant, because she thinks true love can't happen twice.

But life has its own ways of showing us new avenues. Through a chance encounter, Kori comes across someone who not only saves the day but might even steal Kori's heart! What ensues is a story which sees two hearts come together as one, and where the culmination of this love story falls upon marriage as an choice, not as an a compulsion.

Needless to say, Zee Bangla is all set to win hearts all over Bengal with Kori Khela. Set in our beloved Kolkata and showing a slice of life life and its many twists and turns, it is a show which will make the audience relate to it at a deeper level. And while it is a show unlike any other, Zee Bangla promises to capture and uphold every bit of our culture and heritage as Kori's tale unfolds with each episode.

Orchestrating life in a new rhythm is what Zee Bangla always aims for. With a stellar cast involving Sriparna Roy and Ananda Ghosh, this story will surely make audiences sit up and take note of issues such as single parenthood and the many social challenges it comes with, and make people see such issues in a new light.

So turn on your televisions, and get ready to accompany Kori as she rewrites her life's story, starting Today, Mon-Fri 9:30 PM only on Zee Bangla.

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