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LF sets out to the rhythm of the rails with its newest show - The Station Master's Tiffin

Sep 28, 2018

The very thought of a train ride brings out a cascade of memories. Memories of child-hood family sojourns, blissful moments of discovering experiences with co-passengers, the frenzy to the window seat, the fresh cool wind on the face as the rails unravel scenic landscapes, tunnel after tunnel and station after station. To bring the nostalgia back, the channel will air a fourteen-part special series called The Station Master's Tiffin that will take you back on these wonder moments. The Station Master's Tiffin is a romantic journey across India; celebrating India and the railways in a nostalgic journey. Through this original series, LF wanted to give viewers a show that captures how trains are not just a means of commuting but truly connecting the different parts of India, all through it myriad cultures and cuisines. And what better way to showcase this than through music - a song about rhythm and symphony, an anthem that will leave viewers spell-bound and wanting to take the next train out of the city. To bind them together poetically in a melodious and energetic song, LF roped in India's favourite indie band and lyricist, Indian Ocean and Swanand Kirkire to compose and pen the song titled – The symphony of a rail journey. The lyrics reflect the rooted nature of the mode of travel while the folk and fusion spiced music elevate the song to a celebratory experience to remember.

About The Station Master's Tiffin – The show is unique and touches upon several diverse themes including art, cuisine, religious places, local Heroes, history, folklore, unique fans and lesser known places.

The song and the video will launch today post 5 pm on LF SD and LF HD.

Link to the song: https://youtu.be/gRzF7jf8qFA

Report By: Adhishree Murdia
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