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Living Foodz Launch Event in the US - A Hit!

Jun 13, 2017

India's love for food goes well beyond the various Michelin-starred restaurants that pack the bustling New York City and its surrounding areas - it runs in the blood. What better way to enjoy this myriad of flavors than under one roof?

On the evening of Friday, May 19th, ZEE's new food and lifestyle channel Living Foodz had the honor of sponsoring the 2017 Spring Spotlight Event held by the India Heritage Center at the Sheraton Mahwah Hotel. Living Foodz is the all-new, international food and lifestyle TV destination that features easy-to-follow recipes, your favorite Living Foodz programs, cooking hacks, and awesome food contests. The Spring Spotlight Event, introduced the contemporary channel to food lovers, promoting Living Foodz's global menu of video tutorials and foodie guides. The exclusive and sold-out event ran from 6:30pm to midnight, and combined local Indian culture, proud tradition, and fine dining on a single shining platter. Along the moss backdrop at the entrance to the venue, where the Living Foodz logo was prominently emblazoned, guests enjoyed scrumptious celebrity appetizers, personalized menus and celebrity music entertainment.

In attendance was renowned Chef Floyd Cardoz, owner of Soho-based restaurant Paowalla. His fusion of traditional Kulfi and Vanilla Beans was a popular hit with diners at the event. Cardoz's goal is to get people to share good food and memorable experiences in a laid-back atmosphere.

Also in attendance were Chefs Hemant Mathur and Eric McCarthy, who both own successful eateries in the New York City area. Mathur's specialty dishes at the event included a delicious Avocado Jhalmuri and Fish Pollichathu, a local delicacy of fish wrapped in banana leaf. He has contributed to the success of various top Indian restaurants, and now co-owns six of them in the city. Michelin-starred restaurateur McCarthy has earned high ratings for his combination of traditional and modern South Asian dishes. His section of the menu featured a one-of-a-kind dish, Patra Khumb as well as Jackfruit Biryani. The guests concluded their meal with delicious Paan creations from The Paanwaala by Ankit Narula.

For the finale of the evening, guests lined up to meet and greet television's most-loved Indian cook, Madhur Jaffrey. Known as the world authority on Indian food, Jaffrey has published over fifteen cookbooks and several bestsellers, which are now considered classics in the field of Indian food preparation. Celebrity appearances also included Indi-pop sensation Manish Israni (ZEE Music), DJ Vik, mixologist Hemant Pathak, and French certified Maitre Du Vin Du Bordeaux, Ash Rajan.

The star-studded event helped raise money and awareness of Indian immigrants' journeys and struggles through the 'Museum of the Indian Journey to the United States of America'. The museum, which opened last year and is located in Mahwah as well, dedicates itself to capturing and preserving immigrants' individual experiences and stories. Cultural and experiential diversity and embracing differences is what makes ZEE Entertainment's content so rich and unique. As the global leader behind Hindi entertainment, ZEE TV USA also uses its prominence across media to recognize others who have created and maintained an inclusive and growing environment.

Report By: Minal Chauhan    
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