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Love Karega Kismat ke Rules Break!

Jul 15, 2022
It is always the unexpected elements colliding with each other that creates magic! &pictures is presenting one such story of two unsuspecting individuals; one who believed in fate, while the other who swore by logic and the rules of science. The &pictures Saturday Premiere Party brings you an all new premiere every Saturday. This Saturday, Prabhas and Pooja Hegde join us with their epic love story - Radhe Shyam. Witness how what started as an innocent flirtation-ship between Vikramaditya and Dr.Prerana turn into a race against their destinies.

Can love conquer it all? Find out with the &pictures premiere of Radhe Shyam on 16th July at 8pm.

Set in the 1970's Europe with pristine and scenic views, Radhe Shyam is beautifully decked up with old world charm giving it an enchanted touch. Romance brewed with fantasy and drama, Radhe Shyam is a passionate visual of love, an unforgettable romance. So, not only does the film fascinate you but also taps into your arsenal of emotions with its spell-binding plot and narrative.

Talking about the film, Prabhas said, "I believe if you really work towards your goal uninterrupted, the situations conspire to get your destiny fulfilled. And I say this affirmation because the shoot schedule for Radhe Shyam was interrupted multiple times due to unforeseeable circumstances, but we finally made it to the end product. And the hurdles didn't really affect my excitement for this film as it was a fresh story, with a fresh character that I had never played before, so I dove into the preparations to don the era and characteristics and sustained it throughout. Radhe Shyam was truly a journey that I'll never forget."

Vikram an infamous palmist and Prerna a Doctor being completely different people get smitten with each other. As life throws them complexities, Vikram parts himself from Prerna. Destiny comes into question when they find each other later in life. The question is, will there be a happily ever after?

To find out, watch the ultimate Love fest only on &pictures on 16th July 8pm.

Report By: Samika Sathe
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