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Mahesh Babu & daughter Sitara feature in a musical concept promo of ZEE Telugu's three upcoming fiction shows; raise hype around Padamati Sandhyaragam's launch on September 19

Sep 19, 2022
Click the below link for the musical concept promo featuring Mahesh Babu and Sitara

The promo raises the expectations on the three upcoming fictional shows, the first show to go on-air is Padamati Sandhyaragam, touted to be one of the fewest Telugu fictional shows to have been shot abroad. The fiction offering, which is high on emotions, is the story of Janaki, living in India belonging to a family of traditional beliefs opening door to her sister's modern & westernised daughter. This contrast takes the audience on a rollercoaster ride of emotions while the cast – Jayashree, Sai Kiran, and others – do justice to their roles. The show is sure to keep audiences hooked to it right from Day one as it launches on September 19 (Monday) at 8 pm.

While the other two shows will launch shortly after Padamati Sandhyaragam, and their storylines are equally engaging. Ammaryigaru, featuring Nisha Milanaa and Anil Allam, brings out the tale of a father and daughter where the girl is longing for her father's affection. Similarly, Subhasya Seeghram, featuring Krishnapriya Nair, is the story of second daughter from a middle class household, who emerges as a saviour for her family.
Needless to say, the Mahesh-Sitara promo establishes the storylines of these three fiction offerings perfectly well and surely keeps you waiting for their launches.

Sharing his thoughts on this one-of-a-kind collaboration, Mahesh Babu, actor, said: “Every story, in my opinion, has a soul and an audience. Therefore, it is important to give them unique treatments while presenting it to the world. The stories of these upcoming Zee Telugu shows struck me as being relatable to its audience, sincere, and heartfelt when I heard them. Collaborating with ZEE Telugu to give these shows a special launch makes me happy and doing that with my daughter Sitara, even happier. I wish the three teams every success and luck, and I send my best wishes to the entire Zee Telugu team.”

Anuradha Gudur, Chief Content Officer, Zee Telugu, said: “Our association with Mahesh Babu had been a successful one in the past, and given that our latest collaboration is quite a unique one, we are excited to witness how it will be received by the audience. With Mahesh Babu's appeal with the masses and Sitara's cuteness coming together, we are sure it will reach our viewers and will take our upcoming serials to greater heights. Hoping our viewers will embrace these exciting fiction offerings from Zee Telugu as they have always been doing.”  

With Padamati Sandhyaragam launching on September 19 at 8PM, there is a slight change in the telecast timings of Oohalu Gusagusa Lade and Mukkupudaka. While Oohalu Gusagusa Lade will entertain you at 12:30 pm, Mukkupudaka's slot has been shifted to 1 pm.

Do watch the exciting promo featuring Mahesh Babu and Sitara and mark your dates for the new fictional launches on Zee Telugu, starting with 'Padamati Sandhyaragam' on September 19 at 8 pm

Watch the Promos of Padamati Sandhya Raagam here:


Report By: Zee Telugu
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