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Mahesh Dattani lauds ZIMA

Jun 18, 2007
Jun 18, 2007  Sahitya Academy award winner, playwright and filmmaker Mahesh Dattani visited the Zee Institute of Media Arts on June 6, 2007, to interact with the students. He talked about his experiences, on writing plays and films and directing them. While addressing the students, Dattani stressed on originality and subjectivity in writing and direction. “What would make you stand out is the manner in which you tell a story to the audience… it should be straight from the heart,” he said. Dattani also talked about his work, which has varied content and appeal. He praised the efforts of ZIMA in the field of film training. In his note to ZIMA, Dattani stated, “Thank you for having such a fine institution. I am very impressed by the enthusiasm and participation in the free-flowing discussion. I await the day when some of the ZIMA students find their way into mainstream cinema. That will be a great service to the industry.” Mahesh Dattani's repertoire of work includes movies like Morning Raga and Mango Souffle. He was written and directed several plays including God!, Dance Like a Man, Final Solutions and the Sahitya Academy award winning play Bravely Fought The Queen. He is also a visiting professor at the Portland State University in USA.