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Mukut- Pacifically Powerful, Powerfully Pacific

Mar 27, 2023
Aesthetically upholding the nuances of Bengal and its culture has always been special about Zee Bangla. This time they have come up with the story of Mukut, set in the backdrop of Kumartuli which has been the heart of idol crafting of the state for ages.

The name protagonist is born and brought up in a potter family of Kumartuli. Mukut's father, a craftsman of Durga idols, has raised Mukut alone. Despite being raised in such a family, Mukut's mind is cluttered with some sceptical dilemma. Deep down she can't imagine the fierce side of the mother goddess while her vision is violence or arms doesn't suit a mother where she can resolve things with compassion. 

A twist in the tale hits the plot when a gang of women traffickers coincidentally collides with Mukut while she was trying to protect a victim. Pacifist Mukut unknowingly transforms into a violent dissenter to shield mankind. That's how we meet the rugged side of this soft-hearted girl in other words the myth of adopting arms by the mother gets deciphered on a broader spectrum. In this journey Mukut is seen being accompanies by his later love interest Rayan Roy Chowdhury who is a documentary filmmaker as well as truth finder by profession. 

As the story unfurls, we shall see that Mukut and Rayan share a nuptial bond. Rayan's family is headed by his elder brother. Mukut's life turns upside down when she discovers that his brother-in-law is the one who runs this women trafficking racket and other contemptible activities. Unfortunately, Rayan also didn't have any idea this gruesome side of his brother. How will Mukut tackle the hardship around her, will she be accompanied by Rayan in this dire journey against his own family? Thrilling episodes are waiting for Zee Bangla lovers. Don't forget to watch Mukut Mon-Friday 9:30 pm starting from 26th March. 

Report By: Zee Bangla
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