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myPOPKORN.com launched!

Apr 03, 2008
Apr 03, 2008 

DMCL brings 360 Degree entertainment on the web with the launch of its revolutionary portal myPOPKORN.com. The portal was launched by Essel Group Chairman Subhash Chandra at a dazzling event graced by corporate honchos and acclaimed celebrities from the entertainment industry.


“Essel Group has always been in the forefront of entertainment technology and we leave no stone unturned when it comes to our viewers. We have achieved milestones in the sector through initiatives like Dish TV and HITS (Headend in the sky). Having introduced innovative measures in the field of entertainment, an entertainment portal is an obvious next step for us. I am assured that myPOPKORN.com will be a great hit amongst web users not only in India but also internationally,” said the Chairman said at the launch.


myPOPKORN is an exciting video-driven portal that offers an interactive multimedia experience with high value content to provide an engaging platform. It promises pure entertainment in the form of webisodes (encapsulated TV episode on the Web) of television shows from across India’s top channels, latest Bollywood and Hollywood promos, exclusive movie clips as well as current national and international news. myPOPKORN offers a one-off web experience with Web 2.0 utilities like blogging, personalisation and social networking possibilities.


myPOPKORN aims to soon launch a MyStage section where users can achieve instant stardom by showcasing their singing, acting or any other talent by simply uploading their videos.


myPOPKORN.com is based on providing enriching entertainment experience using the PSIP (Personalisation, Socialisation, Integration and Participation) architecture giving the user an experience like never before. The portal offers personalisation by tracking the user’s surfing pattern and offering him content and features that suit his personal preferences. Users can even form virtual families and share thoughts with others thus making socialisation possibilities endless. The website can be integrated across multiple devices allowing users to access it on devices like ipods and mobile phones. Registered users can avail of special benefits and privileges making the site completely participative in nature.


“The portal has been launched keeping the popularity and demand of Indian content globally. Our research reveals that there is a huge group of Indian viewers whose needs are still underserved. We are trying to meet with these demands through myPOPKORN.com. I am extremely happy at the successful launch of the portal and we promise to continue entertaining our viewers with constant innovations,” said Ishwar Jha, CEO, DMCL.

myPOPKORN.com has tied up with various broadcasters such as Star India Pvt Ltd, Sony Entertainment Television and Zee Network for showcasing their television content on the web to make it available to an international audience.

Report by: Chandan Sawant


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